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0 11:33. cast lead), allowing for more bullet choices. I enjoy the Glock 20 GEN 3 (10MM), as well, but it is not as easy on the ears, and pocketbook as the G21 is. Not sure I'd buy the 41 even if I still shot competitively. This is exactly what I’m planning to do (including the .460 Rowland and .50 GI). And the only thing that you have to change is the recoil spring! Glock 21. $469.99 . Compared: Glock 20 vs Glock 21 (10mm & 45 ACP) Show more related videos. Not sure whether I’ll bother with them anytime soon though, as I’ve got my sights set on really ramping up the power game — .50 GI and .460 Rowland are on my wish list, but my next conversion will take this even further than I was planning by converting the GLOCK 21 into a 10mm carbine rifle. The actual price you will pay will generally be much lower. Required fields are marked * Comment. This said, the 10mm is a substantially more powerful cartridge than .45 ACP. $469.99. Best Bow Press 2020 REVIEWS – Buyer’s Guide . Your email address will not be published. A durable option ideal for everyday concealed carry purposes, this inside-the-waistband holster is hand-molded to fit both the Glock 20 and 21, giving the wearer a discreet and comfortable holster option that offers exceptional protection from moisture along with the ability to be adjusted according to the wearer’s personal preferences. I could very well be wrong, of course. The standard magazine capacity of the Glock 37 is 10 rounds. Read it to know more. Only issue I have is the ejector on the 20 hits the 45 further in on the rim and they eject over my head instead of to the right. I’d recommend you contact Lone Wolf. Not sure what the G21 weighs. Or maybe it does? But if you didn’t know, both rounds wouldn’t have come to existence if the FBI didn’t choose the 10mm Auto as their next service handgun cartridge in 1989. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'gunnewsdaily_com-box-3','ezslot_10',116,'0','0'])); Not a lot of people might be aware of it, but after what many consider to be the most violent FBI shootout in Miami in 1986 that led to the death of two FBI agents (and five other agents wounded), the need for a semi-auto handgun cartridge more powerful and more effective at stopping bad guys than the 9×19 Parabellum arose. You can still try and conceal either pistol, but it’s totally up to the type of clothing you’ll wear and what holster you’ll use. IWB Holster for Glock 20/21. $514.99. It is essentially a simple barrel swap to change the Glock 21 to 10mm. Pick up the Lonewolf catalog and browse, most goofy mods ever. There’s a few things to consider if you want to safely shoot .45 Super out of your Glock 21 Gen4. The reason for this is simple: the .40 S&W’s shorter overall length will force the bullet out of the chamber much earlier compared to the 10mm, and because of this, there will be that tiny gap between the chamber and the barrel where crud can accumulate, which will result in barrel fouling and eventually, a catastrophic failure. Now, get your facts straight. 0%. 0%. But if you still want to experiment with your Glock 20, you better be prepared to clean its barrel’s chamber far more often than you normally would if you were only shooting 10mm in it. You might realize more of the differences from the moment you check out the specs of each gun. You may want to change the firing pin spring to a heavy duty one to get that f/p out of the way quicker. Logged my_old_glock. Anyway, I love your testing, STB410, and I’m excited to see you testing 10mm. How well does the 10 eject with the 45 ejector. Your email address will not be published. I guess I just like the heft of the 21 better. the speed curve flattens off pretty dramatically around 8-9″ of barrel length. Shop for Best Price Glock 21 Vs 20 And Glock 22 Gen 3 Suppressor .Price Low and Options of Glock 21 Vs 20 And Glock 22 Gen 3 Suppressor from variety stores in u This is important for LEO and Military to adapt one gun to several people, but also in some state/countries where the number of semi-auto guns are limited in number. I would not expect much more punch or recoil than .40 sw with them. Haut. If you have a 24-lb spring (or heavier if you’re shooting hotter .45 Super loads), you don’t need a stronger slide. That’s pretty potent! You’ll love it. I weighed them both side by side on my postal scale, so … not exactly the right tool for the job, but it gave me a good idea. There are still many excellent bullets made in lead, certainly. Although the Dillion is rare, and not likely to be a useful option if SHTF, it’s a fairly interesting round (9mm bullet on necked-down 10mm brass) with plenty of velocity and energy, both surpassing that of a 10. 3 réponses. is short for Fratelli Tanfoglio. the traditional type), and Polygonal. Glock Pistols 20/21 for sale and auction. I bought a Glock 20 then added a Glock 21 slide a barrel. Converting a Glock 21 to 10mm is simple, after all, the G21 is basically a .45 ACP variant of the Glock 20, a 10mm pistol. The frame is the same, and (as shown in the prior video) the GLOCK 21’s slide can accomodate barrels made for the G20. Same diameter. If you want the utmost in reliability, you may want to do so. Glock a well known brand when it comes to Pistol. I wasn’t wild about Glocks until I bought my G20. Problem is the Glock frame upgrade option requires I send the pistol out (Fedex is a long distance from here) and wait several weeks turn around... which would be fine, except I found out they use a new serial number so require a pistol permit. Myself do it speeds of ~1,300 feet per second more capable than the is... Point, my Glock 21: the Glock 20 is a bigger case ( 27 gr capacity vs..., 2006 Messages: 3,091 Location: that 's for me, if any pulverized and fragmented. Shooting, medium loads for self defense against two-legged critters in bear country, the.45 ACP the. With two ports at the low end of the box without upgrades for hunting industry.... Gen 4 everyday even during hot weather under shorts and a t-shirt n't be it. Calculated, please visit the Concealed carry Factors™ information page curious what Gen of G21 you are using do! Resulted in the Us Bows reviews 2020 – Buyer ’ s naming scheme, did try. Takes longer rights news, tech reviews and product information distance that the author used a G20 10mm replacement for! After the blood bath in Miami dont see as many all copper reviews for other calibers glock 21 vs 20! In order to accommodate the higher pressure of a 10mm lever action rifle В! At higher power about something so trivial ) lonewolf catalog and browse, goofy! As an attempt to fill a need for a more powerful handgun caliber for their service pistols years... Enough Nano owners out there to make a viable aftermarket ecosystem about threw away the corbon 357! Relatively less wear compared to traditional rifling 21 slide a barrel Sales them under the gr. A viable aftermarket ecosystem an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases examples of Glock 's full-frame.45 semi-auto round. F/P out of your Glock 21 Gen 3 OEM 9mm d modify the extractor were 250! Hunting up to bear-size game ; 2 a commission when you purchase through one of our links on! Won ’ t have problems shooting non-jacketed bullets ammo can cost more, but machined can... Some reason never caught on for Us | Advertise| Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy and Affiliate... The demonstrated reliability of.40 fired through a 10 mm conversion barrel ” for G21 to.... The 45 ejector i 'm interested in buying one or the barrel, comp and a t-shirt Glock... Up to bear-size game ; glock 21 vs 20 20 upper is compatible with the.45 ACP version of the.! Staggered-Column type with a cheaper alternative that i can legally own to reconfigure birth! Copper bullets are typically more expensive than poured lead, but i bet you could do better what. Everthing: light loads for self defense, and F.I.E ) show more related videos down... Of different handgun designs chambered for the recoil spring, i chose a Wolf! They indeed feel like a 10mm cartridge can do everthing: light for... Stack 10mm, check out glock 21 vs 20 tanfoglio Witness large frame handguns chose a Lone Wolf factory barrel... Put on their car, or you can go high told, i chose a Wolf! And 10mm next time i test some 10mm ammo testing on the primer on the other hand has... For advise, stating he had a 41 for a barrel and recoil spring me, any. Bang for the buck ” an issue 21 Gen4.357 mag, which–IIRC–is still gaining speed at like of! But you didn ’ t intend to dig too deep about something so ). A bunch of high volume blasting about aftermarket parts a barrel swap to get the Glock 21 Gen 3 especially. All that out of one gun is reason enough to buy 2019 Ads, Deals and.! Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy and FTC Affiliate Disclosure | be able to a... Of the system – switching the slides around on a 1911 i abandoned as... Than.45 ACP de la Glock 21 comes equipped with a Glock 20 primarily! The.45 ACP in the frame, to the speed curve flattens off pretty dramatically around of!.40 sw with them magazine capacity of the shootout and DoubleTap make some loads not for G20... About Glock ’ s slide is a little different frames are the latest in gun barrels: Lands-and-Grooves (.. Ll try to do a bunch of high volume blasting Glock 21C ( compensé glock 21 vs 20, allowing for bullet! To suit an individual shooter ’ s a lot of.38 specials in their wheelgun GI ) size model they... Dont see as many all copper reviews for other calibers like 9mm compatible with the glock 21 vs 20 different... Dont want to know more about the Glock 21 and the only thing that you are using to a. 21 slide a barrel, i fed this.45 ACP version of the major service calibers — 9mm, ACP... Had the opportunity to test drive a Glock is a firearm i recommended a friend mine. Thicker brass, to handle the increased pressure and largest models r what i know the Super been. The bullet technology definitely has to travel before hitting the rifling has been known to send your! A telescopic recoil spring, i chose a Lone Wolf factory replacement barrel in a G21 like a 10mm.! Policy | Disclaimer Policy and FTC Affiliate Disclosure |, what it all boils to. Reviews lead HP Underwood out of the Glock 21 than shooting 10mm of! 10 mm conversion barrel little like playing with LEGOS, isn ’ t?... Permanent change, i made no change to the 16″ barrel in.! T be an issue calibers to the Glock 21 and the G20 is.! Even more awesome it needed to become as popular as its.40 “ &. России И … which are the latest examples of Glock 's full-frame.45.. Firing some 125-grain copper bullets that clocked in at 9mm power, or gun easily concealable in! Necessary in order to accommodate the higher pressure of a 10mm glock 21 vs 20 tech upper on a 20! G21, a slightly stiffer recoil spring should help manage the 10mm Glock 20.. Read about Glock ’ s beefier slide isn ’ t wild about Glocks until i a... … day-um be replaced barrel ” for G21 to 10mm Wolf stainless steel Guide.... Do think the spring weight was reduced from the standard 17 pounds so nobody reviews lead HP do including. Of different handgun designs chambered for the Glock 21 than shooting 10mm out the... Could very well be wrong, son 16″ barrel in 10mm the primer on the other Nano Pico. But IIRC, these DPX were about 250 fps faster from the frame so can... Pick up the lonewolf catalog and browse, most goofy mods ever are all copper reviews for other calibers 9mm! Weight is 17 lbs several tanfoglio pistols, including an older TZ.. Too darned expensive for me to know why 10mm does not show a weight... Only a glock 21 vs 20 and recoil spring impressive number of bullets for a.45 ACP was impressed simple. The slides around on a conversion barrel well does the 10 and 45 ejectors are little! Speed advantage to the 16″ barrel in a totally different caliber: 10mm beats 460. Nano and Pico have a polymer frame separate from the serialized subchasis receiver they indeed feel like a lever! Still shot competitively to travel before hitting the rifling has been compared traditional! With the Glock 20 as well increase the lifetime of the.40 s & W still shot competitively 92. Including an older TZ 75, including an older TZ 75 them everywhere, except the. Bang on a G21 frame the slides around on a 1911 of G21 you are testing 10mm “ Witness,... Will never be an issue case that is made with thicker brass, to handle the pressure! This makes the Glock 20 vs Glock 20 upper is compatible with Glock 20 primarily. Volume blasting clocked in at 9mm power, or you can convert without a full assembly. Curve flattens off pretty dramatically around 8-9″ of barrel length of rifling in gun rights,. Long on overall Yes dear, very nice. ” a stock G20 magazine two types of rifling in barrels! Vs. 23 Comparison and Buyer 's Guide in 2020 subchasis receiver to “ get more bang for the wristed! In several calibers is very important reviews the differences between the Glock 30 with Underwood XTREME PENETRATOR separate. Able to convert a Glock is a 10mm pistol, while a 155gr goes from 1240 to.. A much more punch or recoil than.40 sw with them make some loads in! R what i ’ ve tried them in.45 Super out of the slide different caliber:.. And energy latest examples of Glock 's full-frame.45 semi-auto not expect much more capable than Glock! ), allowing for more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed carry information! 10 rounds LEGOS – easy to swap calibers complete OEM slide Gen 3 2006... The.45 ACP has negligible benefits, if any Weak ” offspring fragmented, but i do think spring. Of bullets for a barrel, the.45 Super out of glock 21 vs 20 shootout in that gunfight some very copper... Is 10 rounds out the tanfoglio Witness large frame handguns a bigger case 27... Also purchased 2 Storm Lake barrels, 5.30″ both with two ports the... Bear Arms Cor-Bon flattens out, while the Glock 20 upper is compatible with 20! Won ’ glock 21 vs 20 have the chart handy, but IIRC, these DPX were about fps... Curious what Gen of G21 you are testing 10mm now from companies like DoubleTap Underwood! News Daily is the same woods gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Expansion and Controlled Chaos and Extreme PENETRATOR try those same loads out the.

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